Disco fever turned into murder on the dance floor the night my biggest support decided to let me down | Tracey Smith

How many times have you tripped up in the street over absolutely nothing then tried to pass it off as a little hop, skip and a jump for fear of embarrassment?

Popular Burnley Express columnist Tracey Smith is not embarrassed to talk about her most embarrassing moments in life
Popular Burnley Express columnist Tracey Smith is not embarrassed to talk about her most embarrassing moments in life

Lots of times if you are anything like me. A quick glance to see who has witnessed the invisible obstacle trying to make you fall while trying to look nonchalant.

After all, I always do a little weird sidestep dance while walking through town, don’t you??

I reflect on all my embarrassing moments and if I were to dwell on them too much, I don’t think I would ever leave the house again! The best way to deal with this is to tell the world and laugh if off! More importantly, laugh at yourself.

I often recall the evening I went out all dressed up, the outfit dictated I wore a strapless bra. With being rather large up top, the bra was working overtime. I had been for a few drinks in town followed by a boogie down Lava and Ignite.

The night was going swimmingly until the fateful moment when my bra decided to snap at the seams. Not only was I in the middle of the dance floor, but I was throwing my best shapes!

My friend said she will never forget the look of horror on my face at that moment the snap happened, and I stopped dead. Oh, it gets better!! My friend offered to lend me her bra. Now I am no scientist, but I had a feeling a G cup girl was never going to fit into a B cup!!

You could hear the screams of laughter from outside the ladies' toilet whilst we tried to defy the impossible!! We eventually gave up and ditched my bra in the nearest bin and carried on with my evening. As we were leaving a staff members' voice pipes up “I’ve found a very large bra in the ladies; toilet, can it go in lost property?'

My so-called friend announced to everyone that it was actually mine, pointing avidly at my head! It took a long time to return there after that embarrassment!!

I think my other cringeworthy moments must be walking into toilet cubicles that have not been locked properly by the proprietor or a changing room in a shop where someone is mid undress! Quickly followed by 1,000 humbled apologies which us Brits do commendably whilst backing away from the situation.

Whilst visiting France for the first time, aged 13 and embarrassed at absolutely everything, I was mortified when I realised that the toilets on our campsite were for men AND women, and I was expected to squat down over a hole in the floor with a view of a man opposite me using the urinal! My mum said she had never seen me enter and vacate a building so fast in her life.

Now that I am somewhat older, I’m not overly fussed if my bra strap snaps or if I fall over or I’ve spinach in my teeth.

Just keep on laughing at yourself and embrace those crazy moments.