You’re underrating exercise: Here’s why it should be step 1 in your 'health kick' | Josh Kennedy

Ever notice that when people start a “health kick”, it often involves some special diet or detox plan.

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 12:30 pm
FX Fitness co-owner Josh Kennedy
FX Fitness co-owner Josh Kennedy

Often, these diets actively suggest NOT TO EXERCISE in the early stages, with light exercise being added in later on.

Sure, sometimes they involve exercise from day 1, but honestly, most of these exercise plans are there to “compliment the diet”- AKA, they’re not really considered, and they’re pretty useless.

They are simply included to get you on the right side of the energy balance equation, that we all know is key for fat loss.

Sure, this is important, but we can do better.

We can stop putting exercise to the back of the list, and bump it up to the “most important” factor.

When you do this, you’ll feel great, have more energy, better mental health, more strength, more muscle, higher fitness, less pain and less illness.

Plus, supported with a reasonable diet plan (which is probably much more manageable than the last one you tried), you’ll get in great shape faster than any other approach.

So, what’s the catch?

Well, there’s two things.

One, it takes commitment. Now, you don’t need to dislike it: in fact, that absolutely shouldn’t happen.

For the most part, you’ll enjoy training, and you’ll LOVE how you feel after. But you can’t rely on this making it happen for you, so you need to commit to regular exercise (3+ hours per


If you’re telling me you can’t fit that, what you mean is everything else is more important to you.

I’ll just drop in here one key thought before we move on:

Nothing is more important than your health; to you, or the people you’re working so hard to keep happy.

Secondly, it requires guidance. Exercise is simple, we all know how to move, and can all burn Calories doing it, but long term, this isn’t enough.

For success, we need a plan that walks our body through the changes it needs to make, at the right times, with the right dose.

This way, we’re not wasting time with training that’s inefficient, and ultimately is the wrong option for you.

Sure, exercise is great, and all forms have benefits. But all forms also have costs, take time, and build stress, so being picky about which form you select is key.

Getting the RIGHT plan

Different forms of exercise have different effects on the body.

In addition to this, different people respond best to different types of exercise, and require very different ratios of exercise: recovery.

In fact, YOU need a very different type of exercise and exercise: recovery ratio than you did in your prime!

If you’re now in your prime with training, just think about what you can handle now VS when you started out?!

Very different approaches needed, both physically and mentally.

Sure, this changes with age, but let’s drill in on the key point of today. You body adapts to what you train.

Here’s a very quick summary.

1. No training= maladaptation (we’re actively getting less fit!).

2. Not enough training= minimal adaptation, if any!

3. Enough training/ enough recovery= PROGRESS!

4. Too much training/ not enough recovery= minimal adaptation, if any! Plus, high amounts of additional stress on the body, and increased injury risk.

5. The wrong training, at the wrong time= huge amounts of time wasted chasing a something you don’t want, also minimal adaptation! (This one is the most common mistake I see people have been making before they start working with us at FX, and is often coupled with number 2 or 4).

So, not all training is a good option.

You’ve seen this before. Maybe you’ve even made this mistake yourself.

Spending hour after hour in the gym, working to a rigid plan, and feeling like you’re getting nowhere! In the end, you’re demotivated, or worse - injured!

Maybe that’s why people try to focus on nutrition.

Either way, the problem isn’t that exercise isn’t the best option for you to get fit, lean and healthy.

It’s that you had the wrong plan.

So, I’ll be back here in 2 weeks time, telling you EXACTLY how to approach your training; whether you’re new to exercise looking for health gains and fat loss, or already certified fitness lover looking to get to the next level of physique and performance.

See you then!