Is this the worst road for bad manners?

I have a great deal of sympathy with Mr Kenneth Pickles from Fence and his observations about motorists in Barden Lane, Burnley.

Monday, 24th March 2014, 12:20 pm
The road at Barden Lane where it narrows under the railway ridge and drivers fail to give way.

For those of you who missed it, he was basically complaining about motorists who fail to give priority to oncoming traffic when they are want to pass under the railway bridge and head out of town.

My daily trip to and from Express Towers uses this route.

And each morning on my way in to work I sit and wait while motorists heading in the other direction disregard the “priority” signs and stream past. I keep count of such drivers and the current “record” is 23!

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It is just one of the many things that makes me believe Barden Lane and Greenhead Lane are the worst roads in the area for bad driving.

I have lived in 10 different houses across Burnley and Nelson and driven on the associated streets and roads for something like 35 years.

And in that time I have never come across anything like the bad manners, bad driving and blatant ignorance of motoring laws I see on a daily basis in this part of town.

The problem highlighted by Mr Pickles as symptomatic of a problem that runs for about a mile of this stretch of road.

The whole situation could have been avoided had the road under the railway bridge – narrowed for footpaths to allow pedestrian access to a now-closed convenience store at a now-closed mill – been regulated by traffic lights, but I suppose the close proximity of the narrow bridge over the canal would have made that impratical.

Failing to give way at this point is just an example of bad etiquette on this road.

How about the fact Barden Lane is a 20mph zone from the railway to the main road? No one seems to have noticed that yet.

How about the fact that, driving towards town, there are cars parked all the way up on the driver’s side of the road. Priority belongs to those heading in the other direction, but it is a daily free for all.

And don’t even get me started about the fact the road turns into a racetrack once drivers are the other side of the canal - even though it is 30 mph until you cross the motorway in Greenhead Lane.