Who goes to A&E with a common cold?

With winter here and temperatures starting to fall, we are being harangued by health bosses as to the best way to tackle seasonal coughs and colds which will afflict many of us in the weeks ahead.

woman blowing her nose. Photo: David Jones/PA Wire
woman blowing her nose. Photo: David Jones/PA Wire

Despite there being a plethora of types of medication available at chemists and supermarkets to treat such ailments, many people still feel the need to clog up their doctors’ surgeries demanding to be seen, with some even going so far as to go to accident and emergency departments in hospitals.

Now if someone is feeling ill from a cough or cold, how come they are well enough to go and sit for hours in A and E departments when they should be at home keeping as warm as possible?

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Mr Pendle would never dream of dashing off to A and E if he suddenly started sneezing or coughing – and unless the symptoms were particularly severe, he would not go to see his GP either.

Both places are there for people who have far more serious problems than someone whose nose is dripping like a tap or has a chesty cough, and if cold remedies do not do the trick, then a local chemist will be able to provide you with the medication necessary to bring you back to good health in a few days.

It should not need health bosses to spell this out.

To Mr Pendle, it is a matter of using simple common sense - but that is a capacity many people do not seem to possess.