When do we get off the Covid rollercoaster? | Rebecca Jane column

Who would have guessed that in the run up to Christmas we’re once again finding a new variant?

By Rebecca Jane
Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 4:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 4:08 pm
Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane

On a personal note, I feel there will be another variant next year, and the year after… at what point do we get off the rollercoaster?

As for ‘variants of concern’. Personally I am more concerned about the people who are missing vital cancer treatments, having diagnostic tests put on a back burner for months and the epidemic everyone (in government) seems to be ignoring – mental illness!

Our country debt is far bigger than our economy with two trillion pounds worth of country debt.

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Our human rights are forgotten, restricting our travel and potentially at some point restricting our entry to social events.

People all around our country are judging each other for their decision and choice in wearing a face mask or not.

We have crushed debate around Covid, people are too scared to voice an opinion anymore. Aren’t we supposed to be a democracy, where every voice is important? I am double vaccinated, I am not an anti-vaxxer, but I have questions.

Yet, I don’t feel my voice is allowed to be heard. You are not alone if, like me, you have questions too. What happened to our world where so many feel unable to speak out? Why are we deeming people should lose their job if they do not wish to be vaccinated?

No one can take away the amount of deaths we have had or the gravity of this illness, but no one can take away the gravity and effect cancer and mental illness has either. It feels we are now running a lottery of what is more important.

We have seen an epidemic rise in anxiety rates. For me, they have come from our indecisive government changing their minds every two seconds and bringing in new laws and guidance within hours.

People don’t like change. There is a wide ranging fear that as soon as you understand the new guidance, or get used to a nice ‘new normal’, it will all change again.

I may have respect for the law, but I don’t have respect for a Government who are bringing in restrictions and guidance that they can’t abide to themselves.