Waste not, want not, is right policy in revamp

Burnley Council’s recycling policy has taken a new twist with the unveiling of the £3m. revamp of the St James’s Street shopping area.

The bandstand in Burnley town centre
The bandstand in Burnley town centre

The plan, which is currently out to public consultation, will see the removal of landmarks such as the bandstand, Charity Arch and the ‘Old Gaumless’ street light.

Sensibly, and in keeping with the council’s recycling strategy, new homes are to be sought for the bandstand and lamppost. This waste not, want not, policy is certainly to be applauded and the two items will no doubt make striking and useful additions to another part of town.

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The decision to invest £3m. in modernising the area is a bold one given the current Town Hall finances, but the area is in dire need of a facelift that will hopefull kickstart an increase in footfall in our town centre.