There are some truly horrible people out there

There are some truly sick people out there, just ask anyone affected by Monday night's atrocity at the Manchester Arena.
Floral tributes left outside Manchester Town HallFloral tributes left outside Manchester Town Hall
Floral tributes left outside Manchester Town Hall

But while we were all still trying to come to terms with that atrocity, some other truly horrible individuals were starting to weave their web of lies.

Social media was full of nonsense as the horrible real news started to unfold.

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Some of it was truly horrible, including fake locations and phone numbers where survivors could be found.

But I don’t think anyone could have done any worse than name Jayden Parkinson among the people supposedly missing.

Jayden Parkinson has been dead for almost four years, horribly murdered when pregagnt and just 17 years old.

Her body was buried in the grave of a relative of the man who killed her.

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A former pupil of Primet High School in Colne, her murder and the horrendous details which came out in the subsequent trial touched the hearts of large swathes of the local community.

Why would any sick individual want to rake over it all again and in such a horrible way?

And what punishment, if any, will be enacted against the perpretrator?

Most of the social media outlets claim that they do their best to stop such things happening, but do they do enough?

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I don’t think so, even though I remain a huge fan of most of the mainstream social media outlets.

Having said that, I fell out with both Facebook and Twitter in the 24 hours immediately after Monday night’s bombing.

Facebook and Twitter make many of their users believe that they truly are the centre of the universe.

But I don’t want to see a picture of you and your “bestie” at a concert at the same venue 12 months ago.

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Please have some respect for the memory of the dead and some sympathy for their families and friends rather than posting your “it could have been me” self-centred nonsense.

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