No trust in Liz Truss | Rebecca Jane column

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Liz Truss is our new prime minister. Well, excuse me if I hold off on the champers and confetti cannons, because I see no cause for celebration.

Don’t get me wrong, none of the candidates gave me hope. Kemi Badenoch was the only leader with any credibility and unfortunately, she went out in the early doors of this farcical theatre performance from the Conservative party.

You may wonder why I have such a bee in my bonnet? (Not that any reader of this column should be surprised, I’ve always got a bee about something!). We have been landed with another prime minister we didn’t ask for!

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Rebecca JaneRebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane

It actually baffled me why we had ‘leadership’ debates, they were nothing more than an obligatory exercise for the peacocks to parade their feathers. Conservative members didn’t care less for what the public wanted, they did what they want – a little like they have for the past two years.

The government of this country are supposed to be for our people, but we haven’t had a say? If there was one thing the Covid-19 pandemic proved. The government can dream up a new law at breakfast, throw it through parliament by lunch and toast to their new laws by dinner. In case many have forgotten, a lot of new laws during Covid-19 came out past 9pm.

You can’t tell me that Boris and pals didn’t get a bit giddy during one of their ‘cheese and wine’ parties and thought they’d mix the country up a bit after one too many sherries! Years of history, strategy and process were thrown out of the Westminster windows. With that in mind, when a prime minister resigns, why can we, the public not vote for the new conservative leader?! Right now, we’re being dumped with one woman most people didn’t even ask for, at a time when we need strong leadership the most.

The country is currently divided every way you look. Strikes are bringing the country to a literal halt, people are not only choosing heating or eating, but they can barely afford either, and frankly, we’ve got Putin trying to hold the world to ransom.

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That’s when Liz Truss firmly lost any shred of credibility I thought she may have. When asked if she would sit down with Putin, the resident Margaret Thatcher wannabe declared she ‘absolutely would’. By that point I was already sick of hearing her bang the ‘I’m from a school in Leeds’ drum, with the intention of demonstrating she is ‘one of us’, hard, working class, as the silver spoon literally fell from her mouth - but Putin?! Seriously?! It doesn’t take an Oxford educated genius, or a working class Northern scholar to know there is absolutely no reasoning with Putin.

The only thing Liz Truss will achieve by sitting and having a cup of tea with Putin is potentially strolling us into World War 3. Rather than go on a glory hunt, forget pointless chats with Putin, look at what WE can do to protect our country and our people.

This leadership contest wasn’t just about the head of the Conservative party, this person was strolling into the prime minister’s job. For that reason alone, the public should have been given their say.

In the meantime, hold on to your hats everyone, I fear this is going to continue to be a bumpy ride.