New emergency unit for Burnley before Christmas

Due to having a final day of recess, I was able to spend the day in the Burnley office and spend some time out and about in Burnley talking to residents about various issues.

Burnley General Hospital. Urgent Care Unit.
Burnley General Hospital. Urgent Care Unit.

On numerous occasions I was asked about the opening of the new emergency unit and as it is now complete I am told that it will be open before Christmas. This will be fantastic for Burnley, delivering services to local people and I eagerly await its opening for this is something I fought hard for five years and know the difference it will make.

I was then back down to London and Tuesday was full of meetings. I met with the Federation of Small Businesses and it was a great meeting where they communicated to me their positivity about the economy.

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I was also delighted to be able to attend Breast Cancer’s annual Parliamentary reception.

I had a meeting with Vince Cable regarding the progress on the delivery of Skills City at BAE Samlesbury. He confirmed that progress was slow but there was progress being made and hopefully near future decisions on it. The project would deliver huge apprenticeship opportunities for young people mainly in the Aerospace Industry and I am hopeful that the progress picks up.

I also had a meeting with the Education Minister, Lib Dem David Laws to discuss various young people and families in Burnley. We had tried every avenue through the county council without success so I had no alternative to bring this to the Minister himself to try and help us resolve these ongoing issues.

On Thursday I was part of the panel at Burnley Question Time held at the UTC. It was an interesting panel with some searching questions on a range of topics.

Friday morning I was delighted to go meet some amazing children at St Stephen’s Primary School. I was a milk monitor on National Milk Day and it was a great chance to engage with the reception class. I then went to a meeting with proprietors and representatives who own small Post Offices in Burnley. I discussed with them issues coming out regarding government contracts and the fall out from the Privatisation of the Royal Mail. I came away with a series of questions to ask Jo Swinson when I meet with her next Tuesday.

Friday was busy with constituent appointments and Saturday’s advice stall outside M and S was busy as normal.

Gordon’s constituency office is open to all callers without appointments 11am-3pm every weekday.