Natural help to shed those extra pounds

Over recent weeks I have been having a look at ways to aid detoxification and beat bloating. I have also looked at the importance of the liver in weight loss. This has triggered a great deal of interest in other natural ways to support and increase weight loss.

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

Through our work in our weight loss clinic we have found the following to be the most effective, a sugar free diet.

This does not mean no carbohydrates, in fact carbohydrates like brown rice, whole grain and beans are vital to help keep blood sugar levels stable and therefore to ensure good energy levels and fat burning – because believe it or not the body can only burn fat when it has stable blood sugar levels.

Therefore, even if you are exercising, if you are not eating enough you will not break down fat, what you will lose is the muscle tissue you are working so hard to build. A sugar free diet, however, excludes all obvious simple sugars, as well as fruit and fruit juices initially. This is again an attempt to keep blood sugar levels stable and prevent the spikes and dips associated with a high sugar diet. Believe it or not, this diet is not as horrid or as difficult as it sounds.

Higher Nature’s Metabolic Balance. We often use this to support people when they first start the sugar free diet. This supplement helps to further promote healthy blood sugar levels, energy production and boost the metabolism. It is particularly useful for those who struggle to control their appetite, especially sweet cravings. Sweet cravings are a very common sign of erratic blood sugar levels and as I said, stable blood sugars are vital to support good fat burning and effective weight loss.


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Higher Nature’s Thyroid Support. If struggling with weight loss, have problem hair, low energy and are sensitive to the cold, there is a chance your thyroid could be mildly under-active. Not bad enough to need medication from the doctor, maybe you have even had a test and been told its normal or borderline, but enough to make weight loss a real struggle.

Supporting your thyroid function with this all-in-one supplement could be just the support you need.

You can’t take Thyroid Support if you already take thyroxine, but if you are still struggling with those low thyroid symptoms remember the liver plays a big role in processing your medication. So it could be worth trying milk thistle instead.