MR PENDLE: Moors Murderer Ian Brady should be left to die

doesn’t it make your blood boil to read that Moors Murderer Ian Brady is to get £8,000 in legal aid to fight for the right to starve himself to death?

Brady is complaining he is being force fed and kept alive in a hospital against his will and wants to be allowed to starve himself to death in a prison cell.

Given that he was fortunate to escape the death penalty by a matter of months when he and Myra Hindley came to trial in 1966 for the ghastly murders of at least five young children, and he has cost us a fortune by us keeping him incarcerated ever since, wouldn’t we be best served by simply returning Brady to his cell and granting him his wish to get on with dying without the need for any legal aid and a long, drawn out court case?

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That, to Mr Pendle at any rate, sounds a perfectly straightforward solution to the argument.

Or would that upset our civil libertarian friends who would argue Brady is in no fit state to think for himself and must therefore be kept alive and force-fed ad infinitum until nature takes its course and he dies of old age?

A FULL five months have passed since Prince William married Kate Middleton, and the national media’s ridiculous fixation with her sister Pippa - or rather with a certain part of her anatomy - goes on unabated.

Now let’s get one thing straight.

Miss Middleton is a very attractive young woman - but the same can be said for thousands of other women of a similar age.

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Her derriere is one of her positive features - but again, the same can be said for that of thousands of other women of her age group.

Had Pippa not been the sister-in-law of the second-in-line to the throne, it is highly likely we would never have heard of her, her bottom, her boyfriend and how the whole of the male population of Britain is supposedly in awe of her.

And to add to all of this nauseating furore, one national newspaper columnist went totally over the top the other day, describing her as a “phenomenon”.

Again, the same could be said of thousands of other women in her age group - so let’s cut out all of this forelock-tugging drivel and tell it like it really is.

Pippa Middleton is an attractive young woman - but to portray her as some latter-day Helen of Troy whose beauty is unparalleled is quite clearly ridiculous and should be brought to a stop forthwith.