MR PENDLE: Are we bothered Cheyl Cole has been sacked from America’s ‘X-Factor’?

maybe those who represent us as MEPs are not as self-centred as we thought.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 8th June 2011, 11:06 am

That was the first thing that came to Mr Pendle’s mind when he read that they are calling for all meetings of the Parliament to be held in Brussels.

At the moment, under the terms of one of the plethora of treaties that bind the EU together, they are required to meet 12 times a year in Strasbourg as well as all the meetings in Brussels - a set up which is said to add 150 million euros a year to parliamentary costs.

Pendle’s Lib Dem MP Chris Davies has called this arrangement “absolutely nuts” - and he is 100% correct.

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Just imagine if a similar scenario were to happen in this country, and our MPs dictated that a certain number of Parliamentary sessions be held in Birmingham or Manchester as well as all those at Westminster.

The costs would rocket, there would be even more expenses fiddles going on as MPs travelled up and down the country and the general public would be rightly outraged.

Mr Davies is spot on when he supports the European Parliament meeting in a single place.

The only sad thing is he did not follow that up by saying Britain would be better off out of the meddling EU altogether and leaving MEPs to get on with passing crackpot legislation for the rest of Europe that cannot affect us.

AS Mr Pendle drove into work recently, he tuned into Radio 5 Live to listen to the morning news.

There was the expected news about President Obama’s visit to this country, a secondary item - and then the news that the singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been sacked as a judge on an American talent spotting show.

Are we really that bothered?

Have we really become such a celebrity-obsessed society that something like this becomes the third most important item of world news in a morning?

Surely this is a trivial matter of minor importance to everyone except those whose boring lives are dominated by celebrities, rather than the shock-horror-drama earth-shattering occurrence it was made out to be?

But even more stomach churning to Mr Pendle was the programme presenter’s description of the sacked singer as “a national treasure we all love” - a label which she has seemingly been given to her by other forelock tuggers in the past.

It really is getting beyond a joke - for if a reasonably attractive woman who can sing reasonably well is seen in such a light, how do we describe people who have actually done something worthwhile for their country?