Left wondering why I had bothered

One good turn deserves another ... or so I have always believed.
All I got was abuse for interrupting the womans evening mealAll I got was abuse for interrupting the womans evening meal
All I got was abuse for interrupting the womans evening meal

I have never been backwards at coming forwards when it comes to helping other people out.

And I certainly would never turn away from someone in a predicament I could do something to ease.

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Not long ago I was on a dog walk and found a mobile phone. Not a brand new, shiny, all-singing, all-dancing phone, but someone’s phone all the same. I flipped it open, found the contact list, hit “home” and told the owner I had found it, 20 minutes later there was a knock at my front door and I handed the phone back to the owner.

Think back to Christmas Day and where you were about 9-15am. I was on another dog walk and, turning a corner, spotted a man leaning over a fence. I thought he was ill, enquired about his good health and he actually pointed to another, shivering terrified dog on the other side of the fence.

He managed to get a phone number from the collar and set about reuniting the dog with a frantic owner who had been searching all night for the poor dog. I stood guard as the other chap took his dogs home and came to retrieve the scared puppy.

A few days ago and guess what, I’m out walking the dog. I spotted some keys hanging out of the front door of a cottage on a main road.

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I knocked on the door. I knocked again. I knocked a third time and then the door was flung open and I was greeted with a torrent of abuse.

I tried to explain what was going on and why I had been so keen to get someone to answer the door.

House keys, keys to a car parked outside worth at least £11,000 and who knows what other keys left hanging out in public view yards from a busy pub and a bus stop.

There for any passing miscreant to pocket.

All I got was abuse for interrupting the woman’s evening meal.

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She was further interrupted by her husband pleading with her to say a simple thank-you.

But nothing was going to stop her shouting and swearing at me, so I muttered something equally rude under my breath and set off towards home wondering why I had actually bothered to try and keep the ungrateful woman’s home and car safe after she had been stupid enough to leave the keys in the lock in the first place.