'Just keep on being amazing' - a mother's letter to her son to mark his birthday

Columnist Hayley Kay shares a personal note to her son on his third birthday.
Hayley Kay with her son FreddieHayley Kay with her son Freddie
Hayley Kay with her son Freddie

Recently my son turned three. On his first birthday I started a tradition of writing him a letter to mark the occasion. Here is this years offering:

Dear Freddie,Well didn’t that happen fast? I feel as though I’ve blinked and, bang, you’re three and what an adventure we’ve had. Do you remember the fantastic summer we spent in our garden? We had the best time in your paddling pool; you really love the water and take great pleasure in soaking grandad with the hosepipe whenever you can. We must have spent hours out there playing, you without a stitch on or a care in the world.

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You insisted on helping daddy, too, with his barbecuing and when he fitted the new fences, we had to give you your own hammer as well. One of your favourite things to do this year has been having picnics; I don’t think I’ve ever been to as many.Grandma is often talked into a trip to the beach or ‘the seaside’ as you call it for a picnic, in all weathers, too. You don’t seem to mind (the last one you had on the beach was in October and Grandma said it was freezing, but you loved it).

You and daddy have had carpet picnics when I’m at work and we’ve had more than a few teddy bear’s picnics of our own. At Easter, we took you on an Easter egg hunt in the woods with your friends; do you remember how much fun we had finding all the chocolate? It’s been a struggle to keep technology out of your hands.

I’m just so desperate for you to keep that awesome imagination of yours that I’m a bit mean sometimes and I don’t let you spend as much time as you’d like on iPads or our phones. You enjoy watching other children play with their toys on YouTube, which is odd, but you seem fascinated by it. You still love all things transport and spend hours playing with all of your cars and still somehow one always finds its way into my handbag.

You love your fire engine bed, too, and your Fireman Sam bedroom. I still come and watch you sleep, I stare in awe at the wondrous little human being that you are, Freddie.This year you also discovered superheroes – your favourite is definitely The Incredible Hulk.

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We have imaginary adventures all the time, Daddy is normally Captain America or Iron Man, I usually make a pretty good Spider-Man. You’re still doing well with your swimming lessons, last month you managed a full five metres without armbands, all by yourself. I cherish the time we have in the pool together and secretly dread the day Miss Lisa will tell me you’re big enough to be in there without me. Anyway, I hope you have a brilliant birthday and like your new big boy Spider-Man bike. Just keep on being amazing Freddie, because you truly are.

Love you always,Mummy xxx