Jane Tomlinson’s a true inspiration for Pennine 10k

I don’t need much jollying along to find my running shoes and start putting my 52-year-old body through its paces.

But if I did need inspiration, Jane Tomlinson would be just the person I would turn to.

And that is why I will be hauling myself around the Pennine Lancashire 10k in Burnley on Sunday.

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And in doing so I will be supporting both the Jane Tomlinson Appeal and my own chosen charity, Pendleside Hospice.

I know that I will be lost in a crowd of runners numbering, at the time of writing, more than 1,500.

And I know that the majority of them will be having a much-needed breather by the time I cross the finishing line.

But that is not the point of an event like this.

It is hoped that the 1,500 runners will raise a six-figure sum between them for various nominated charities along with those close to runners’ hearts.

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Indeed, if everyone else has been as fortunate as I have with attracting a few sponsors, the £100,000 fund-raising target will be easily exceeded.

And that is why I believe that every single one of those runners deserves your support.

On this occasion, I am not asking for your money – although if you want to pass some on to Pendlside Hospice via my worn out Nike running shoes please feel free to do so.

What I am suggesting is that as many of you as are able should get yourselves along the route and give us all a cheer.

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There are some well-known faces among the running contingent.

There are also many, many people who you will never have heard of, will never meet and will never see again.

But all of them will have been through some pretty tough training to get themselves prepared for – and let’s talk in old money here – the six and a quarter miles through three of Burnley’s best parks.

It is another of those days that will put our own little corner of East Lancashire on the map.

I am sure if the eather replicates last weekend, we will be cheered on by thousands.

But what if it is raining?