It’s time to say goodbye | Rebecca Jane column

Over the last couple of months, I have been in talks to take up, potentially… the role of a lifetime.

I am now proud to say, I am the deputy leader of the UK Independence Party, formerly known as ‘UKIP’.

I don’t believe it is right that a person who is not in any kind of parliamentary power, but represents the interests of a party should have a vessel to champion their views every week. Which is why, this is my final Burnley Express column.

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I’ve absolutely loved my time with the paper, they’ve been incredibly supportive and stood by me constantly. Even at times when I thought they shouldn’t. We’ve had incredible highs, winning awards, and we have had incredible lows, losing my grandmother.

Rebecca Jane

I have ranted… my gosh, have I ranted. About Covid measures, snowflakes, woke behaviour and even Piers Morgan letting me down (cheers for the apology Piers, ha!)

I have loved, in the most literal sense and I’ve lost. I’ve written about it all, because if there is one thing I will always be - it’s authentic.

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Around 2.5 years ago, my former boss wanted to stand as an MP. I and many others around us were so disillusioned by the government that he saw no option and wanted to make a stand. I researched parties for him and found The UK Independence Party. Reading what they are about, their views reflected my own, and so I joined.

I’ve worked in the media for over 10 years. I know that to express a political opinion is frowned upon. There will always be someone disappointed or upset somewhere, and not everyone will agree. So, I kept quiet. (Shocking I know…)

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Over the last two years I became angrier and angrier at what was happening to our incredible GREAT Britain. I cannot contain that anger any longer. It’s not in my nature to present problems without solutions, and all I was doing was presenting problems.

I sat on television shows, and wrote in this paper about my anger. Fuel costs, energy costs, the 7 million people on an NHS waiting list, flipping cheese and wine parties whilst people died, the lack of authenticity in parliament, the outright lies being told, a court system ruined and every man and his dog striking….

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I was asked to consider a more prominent role within the party, and I’ve got to the stage where I simply can’t turn it down. I have to try and make a difference, instead of just ranting.

Not everyone will agree with our party’s manifesto, I understand that. However, there are millions of politically homeless people out there today who are just as disillusioned as I am.

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I am not a ‘career politician’, this role was never my intention. I am a normal human, from the North of England who cares about people.

I care about pensioners who will be cold this winter. I care about everyone who will go hungry, because they can’t afford to heat or eat, I care about people worried about their fate when they’re waiting two years for a court case, I care about the millions of undiagnosed illnesses because people can’t get a hospital appointment, I care about the thousands of people who take their life because there are no services to turn to…

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Most of all, I care about how (in my opinion) the Conservatives have ruined our country and I can’t sit back any longer.

Everything I write comes from my heart, and everything I write goes back to politics. That is why it wouldn’t be fair for me to carry on here… I may be back, if our party gets a seat in the Burnley area, and heck, I hope we do. The people of Burnley, more than a lot of places, truly need change!

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Thank you to my very loyal and devoted readers…. The emails and messages I’ve had thanking me for my words have never gone unnoticed. They have been appreciated more than you will ever know.

For everyone’s sake, I hope this nonsensical government sort out their behaviour and you all start to lead happier and healthier lives very soon.

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