It’s time to build the bypass now!

The need for the A56 Villages Bypass was hammered home to Mr Pendle recently when the circumstances of road travel forced him to reconsider his previous neutral stance on the issue.

The business of the day had taken him to Leyland, and he left there at 4-45pm to begin the journey home. By 5-15pm, he had reached the end of the M65 at Colne, thus having covered the 30 miles or so in half an hour.

It then took him more than 10 minutes to travel the length of Vivary way in a queue of stop/start traffic, and a further 10 minutes to drive through the North Valley to reach his home.

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In other words, he was able to travel from Leyland to Colne in virtually the same time as it took to drive through Colne.

The call for the bypass has been made for almost as long as Mr P. has been working for this newspaper, and with no route as yet determined, we are as far away as ever from having it built.

Had Colne been in the south east, the road would have been constructed many years ago. Isn’t it time the problem was sorted out once and for all?

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