Is this one of most dangerous junctions in Lancs?

Thirteen years ago, I and friends were nearly killed when we were in a car turning out of the picnic site at Spring Wood, Whalley, and a driver went through the traffic lights on red and hit our vehicle at speed.

I was lucky to be alive.

Members of the public are still being seriously injured at this junction.

Thirteen years ago, I was saved from really serious injury by the side impact bars of a well-designed vehicle, but the problems which were obvious then are still present today – it is one of the most dangerous junctions in Lancashire.

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In recent months there have been two serious accidents at this junction.

Seven people were injured and, in August, Hannah Flynn, from Billington, was seriously injured.

She has just been transferred from hospital to a special rehabilitation unit to receive further treatment for her injuries.

Unless you are taking full notice it is possible, when coming from Clitheroe towards Padiham, to ignore traffic turning from the picnic site.

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On the approach from Clitheroe the traffic should be slowed. There are various ways this can be done – rumble strips on the road, lowering the speed limit and putting up signs warning of the approaching junction. Or even all three.

The traffic lights alone do not seem to deter the kamikaze driver who wants to jump traffic lights before they change.

This is the responsibility of Lancashire County Council and the police.

For the county, I suspect this is a low priority, but it is too late when someone is killed, so the police should, along with local councillors, take the initiative.

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I will be taking this up along with Whalley councillors Joyce Holgate and Terry Hill and with our local county councillors, Ian Brown and Albert Atkinson, with a view to making the Labour administration at County Hall realise there is one option which is not available – to do nothing, like for the past 13 years.

Every time I drive through the junction I do so with the memory of the accident 13 years ago on my mind.

I do not want what happened to me to be faced by others.

Lancashire County Council should be glad it is not my ghost that is coming back to haunt them, but someone of flesh and blood to bang on their door.

Do nothing and it is too late when an innocent motorist is killed.