Insulate Britain are morons! | Rebecca Jane column

I feel like I’ve been rather meek and mild lately, I haven’t really got on my ‘ranty soap box’. Strap yourselves in, this one will be a bumpy, and highly rantful ride.

Once you’ve strapped yourself in, put the break on, you’re probably driving nowhere. The morons that are ‘Insulate Britain’ have decided to become a pest to our society, and they are currently wreaking havoc around the country.

Their cause is a noble one, absolutely necessary and justified. Their behaviour, idiotic stunts and attitude is deplorable.

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Climate change is an immense problem, we do need to take action and fast. Is the government doing enough? No. Should they do more? Wholeheartedly.

Rebecca Jane

The matter is simple and factual.

Seeing the protestors physically assaulted, paint and ink poured over them broke my heart, even a tear to my eye. They don’t deserve that, It doesn’t stop them being morons though!

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I would ask the protestors this…

Is stopping a daughter taking her elderly mother to hospital (in an electric vehicle, I MAY ADD!) going to make Boris sit up and listen to what you have to say? I’ll tell you to what extent Boris listened to what you have to say. He took A PLANE to a climate change conference IN HIS OWN COUNTRY.

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Boris didn’t jump in an electric car and drive the 6 hours to the venue, he couldn’t even be bothered to take a train. HE TOOK AN ACTUAL PLANE!

Possibly the biggest middle finger statement to the climate change protests that he could make. THAT perfectly demonstrates how much he cares about climate change in one swoop. Mind you, Boris hasn’t been the smartest cookie in the pack over the last year.

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As I sit and witness the local news talking about how Insulate Moron Britain protestors are now blocking the route to Manchester Airport, it makes me ask one question.


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The only thing I see the morons achieving is becoming an irritant to our society. Ok, you have to make a stand in protests, you have to be an irritant, you have to have your voice heard. Fine… but you’re targeting the wrong people.

The people you need to irritate are the government, MP’s, counsellors, decision makers.

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You do not need to be irritating Susan from down the road who has spent two years saving for a holiday of a lifetime, stopping her getting to the airport and having to break the news to her six-year-old heartbroken son who is having his Disney dreams shattered.

You do not need to be irritating Donald, who is on his way to work as a paramedic that he has dutifully served you and your family for the last 26 years.

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You do NOT, under any circumstances deserve the right to take away the liberty of a daughter taking her mother to hospital.

You are affecting our nation of good people. People trying to be more eco-conscious, thoughtful in their decisions, doing their bit for society.

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In our mental health clinic there has been a rise in women deciding not to have children because of the effects of climate change.

Some people are trying their best and you are penalising them. You are not penalising the people who can actually make a change.

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Congratulations, the nation has heard you. You’re causing a huge, selfish inconvenience to our country. The people who are not listening to you, are the people that matter.

The age-old government stance is… ‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists’, and you bunch, are terrorists of the modern variety.

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I suspect you’ll see Boris flying that slogan from his plane, on his way back from the COP26 climate conference any minute now.

Use your brain, find a new strategy and leave our people alone!