I’m proud of our record on jobs

I was recently in Burnley sorting out constituents’ problems. Before I went back to Westminster, I enjoyed the extra time it allows me to do things in our town. I was able to go to an Aspiration Week assembly at St John the Baptist School, where the young children listened to various people throughout the week talk about their professions. I gave them a detailed account of my job as Burnley’s MP and what my role is in our town and in London.

Weavers' Triangle  - Peter Stawicki
Weavers' Triangle - Peter Stawicki

I was then back to London for a series of meetings and was out on a visit as the Government’s Apprenticeship Ambassador. I travelled to Northampton to see the Travis Perkins Group. Apprenticeship programmes are vital to future success for the Travis Perkins Group and I was delighted to have a tour from the management apprentices and branch manager. We then had a Q&A where I was asked what it was like to be an apprentice years ago. We also talked about how companies and the government need to continue to do all they can to encourage more young people to take up apprenticeships.

I attended an opposition day debate in the Chamber on jobs. I am proud of the record of delivery that exists in our town since 2010 and the figures speak for themselves. In this parliament we have created two million apprentices and youth unemployment is falling faster than anywhere else. Only a few countries in Europe have lower youth unemployment.

The Weavers’ Triangle, Burnley Bridge Industrial Estate and the former Michelin Site are all examples where investment has brought in new businesses and jobs.

I was then back to Burnley and to a debate at UCLan between the UKIP candidate, the Labour candidate and myself. Some interesting topics were covered and the students seemed satisfied with the answers.

I then went to Burnley High School for the judging of reports the pupils had put together. The students have been researching and designing gardens so we can all brighten up the school and I was very impressed with the outcomes! It was difficult to judge and I was delighted to be able to see such inventiveness.

The Friday was busy with surgeries, and Saturday I was out canvassing with more positive responses on the doorstep. I also attended a great fund-raiser at the 110 cClub where they were raising money to buy a minibus to take children out and about.