I wanted the ‘village idiot’ to resign, not Rishi! | Rebecca Jane column

What the flipping heck is going on in Downing Street this week?! The golden boy of the Covid-19 crisis Rishi Sunak has thrown in the towel, followed by his pal Sajid Javid.
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I have long been critical of Boris. I refuse to call him ‘Mr Johnson’, because that would command respect, and I lost that a long time ago.

I lost it when he flew on a jet from Cornwall to Scotland for a ‘climate change conference’.

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Rebecca JaneRebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane
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I lost it when he lacked any kind of back bone during Covid-19.

And I lost it when he told us all to ‘stay at home’, being told we weren’t allowed to see our loved ones as they died alone, lost our livelihoods and sanity while he partied with a caterpillar cake, wine and cheese board!

Then, if the resident village idiot hasn’t done enough damage, he sat ‘joking’ with another moronic leader, Justin Trudeau, about how big their flaming private jets are! In a cost of living crisis?! When a vast amount of people in our country are choosing between heating or eating?! A disgusting display of egotistical narcissistic behaviour.

I have sat on many a TV programme over the last few months, and rightly or wrongly, I don’t just shut up about ‘party gate’. People call it insignificant, I call it a clear sign of a man with no respect.

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I don’t expect our leaders to be saintly, it’s certainly not a forte I possess, no one does. I do however expect them to follow the rules they make. If chief idiot expects us to live by the rules, why shouldn’t he?!

How can anyone have respect for a man, sat on national television professing to be ‘ holier than thou’, who goes and does the opposite of every word he says?! It has baffled me how the country glossed over that!

Sure, we may have ‘bigger fish to fry’ - but nothing is insignificant when this is the man deciding how our lives should run.

Thankfully, ‘party gate’ doesn’t seem to have been glossed over with Golden Boy and Sajid. They’ve had enough, and they’re off. Thank goodness for that. We’ve seen ‘no confidence votes’, back biting and endless negative headlines about Boris. Thank goodness two people finally stood up for what is right and departed ways from a disrespectful PM!

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Bless Jacob Rees-Mogg, going out to bat on Tuesday’s national television for Boris. I laughed loudly when he claimed ‘there’s no constitutional reason for Boris to resign’. Be quiet and sit down. Your PM lied to parliament over party gate. Ok, cake and cheese may not be as important as some matters, but if he can lie about such trivial nonsense, he can certainly lie about the big stuff! I think you’ll find that is constitutional reason alone!

The ONE saving grace of this appalling government was Rishi. The cost of living crisis is entirely out of control, the village idiot is sat on his governmental throne, ignoring the world. Every time energy and fuel prices rise, I thought ‘it’s ok, Rishi will perform a miracle somehow’. NOW WHAT?! I lost faith in our government a long time ago, but I still had minor hope left that some common sense would prevail.

I doubt anyone can deny Rishi’s loyalty to Boris. He stood by him for many years. If he is finally putting his hands up and saying ‘I can’t do this anymore’, forfeiting the career and lifestyle of a lifetime - should we not sit up and listen?!

Rishi is right. The country is facing pure turbulence and ‘immense challenges’. What hope do we have of navigating them, when we have a moron at the top table?!

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The parting shot from the ex chancellor of the exchequer?! He clearly states ‘it’s time for the public to hear the truth’. I couldn’t agree more. Time to fess up Boris. Tell us where you’ve buried the bodies and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!