AS I SEE IT: Tuition fees lead to higher youth unemployment

A record 1,027 million 16 to 24-year-olds were unemployed at the end of last year!

Saturday, 21st January 2012, 2:41 pm

This is a huge problem caused by the Government raising tuition fees to ridiculous levels, such as £9,000 a year.

Most people simply cannot afford to be paying crazy amounts of money such as this for something as basic as education, which should be our right. The Government needs to realise that if it does not reduce the tuition fees, unemployment in young people will keep climbing.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling admitted unemployed youths face “a very real challenge”. However, he has still sat back and done nothing to help the young people who simply can’t afford an education.

As you have probably heard, people with a university degree earn, on average, 20% more than those without. It seems extremely unfair to me that because you were born into a family that couldn’t afford to send you for a university education you are likely to earn less.

And you are also often stuck in a job you won’t want to be doing while earning less than you would like. This is why so many young people are unemployed, they can’t afford to do the job they want and then get stuck trying to find a decent job. Try doing that with no qualifications.

Young people all have the potential to get qualifications to suit them, but most just can’t afford them.

It is completely unequitable that the job you get is based on the amount of money your family has.

I’m sure, in many cases, an unemployed young person is better suited to a job somebody else got purely because they could afford the education for it. To me, it comes across as the rich stay rich and the not-so-wealthy have no way of proving themselves at university.

I find it sickening that these young people, who may have great potential to do well in the job they want, can’t – simply because their money isn’t disposable enough.

Something needs to be done in order for young people to each have an equal chance of doing the job they want; education should be based on ability and not economy.

With the UK being in an economic crisis, making it harder for young people to seek education and find employment, raising tuition fees is no way to help. The Bank of England made this clear when they cut their growth forecast to just 1%!

Something needs to be done in order to enable all those who deserve a university education and the job that they want to have the ability to achieve their goals.

Skill level should be the only factor that determines if you get into university or not!

If the Government continues to dictate our education system like this, unemployment levels are bound to only get higher and the economy will consequently get worse!

Charlier Comer