How to keep your make-up on all day

Rita Parmar, Make-Up Doctor, writes about long-lasting make-up
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Summer is over, and although we’ve had countless days of fun with the kids, it’s time to get back to our own time, back to work, back to the long days in the office. It’s that time when we start to notice our make-up doesn’t last all day, maybe it’s the fact that we were too busy to notice. But let’s look at what we can do to keep our makeup face on all day!

The PrepPeople often jump to the conclusion that your makeup doesn’t last because the foundation isn’t great, but most of the time this isn’t the case at all. To get make-up to really last, it’s all about the preparation. Do you moisturise skin and prime skin prior to foundation application? If not, you could be missing a trick, and not because ‘primer makes foundation last’ but because by applying your foundation directly on to the skin, the skin will absorb the important properties from the foundation and it will possibly appear uneven. The moisturiser gives your skin that already, so not taking from the foundation, and the primer provides a barrier between skin and foundation, allowing foundation to stay put! This is a suitable method for all skin types.

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The Powder If you’ve done all of the above but find you suffer from a little shine or oily areas, you’re going to need to mattify all of these with a touch of powder. After foundation application, this should keep everything in place and the powder will absorb the oils instead of separating your foundation.The Setting Spray If you are someone who is in artificial lights and heat in the office then you are going to want some added protection. If you’ve tried the above and this doesn’t cut it, then it may be time to try setting your make-up with a setting spray. They are designed to layer a mist over the face to keep make-up in place (a little like hairspray does for hair).The LayeringHave you ever painted a wooden piece of furniture? There are many layers applied before you would get to the top coat, because if we were just to use one coat the finish would look uneven and possibly chip. This is why layers are important when it comes to foundation.