How much is it safe to drink?

Alcohol consumption can be a rather contentious and prickly issue. We regularly have our conscience pricked by an assortment of foundations, committees and puritanically biased groups, preaching to us on what is a safe limit to consume.
What is a safe limit?What is a safe limit?
What is a safe limit?

So, what is a safe limit? Is there really a safe limit? Come on, how much do we think is a safe limit to consume?

Well, step forward Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies. One member of a finger-pointing brethren, who deemed it necessary to reduce the “safe” limit to just 14 units a week. Yes, a miserly one pint of beer or glass of wine a day.

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You perhaps remembered the announcement a few months ago by Dame Sally and other members of her committee. However, why on earth did they deem it necessary to get together and agree on this amended and reduced figure?

Ahh, it has all become clear now. This after a reliable source and friend, informed me that some of the more influential brethren on the committee, are members of the lobby group, namely, the Institute of Alcohol Studies. Well, knock me down with a feather matey.

For those who are not familiar with this group, the Institute of Alcohol Studies is funded by the Alliance House Foundation - a temperance movement! Yes, one of the fully paid up members of the anti-alcohol brigade. A gaggle of self-opinionated, holier-than-thou, pompous puritans.

Come on, to me it’s perfectly clear now. The 14-unit limit is a load of old tosh. A limit decided upon by a bunch of temperance-influenced campaigners. It’s pointless people of that ilk, rolling out this authoritarian narrative. All it will do is give rise to mistrust and derision.

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Many people like me, act in a responsible and sensible manner, when enjoying a drink. In my opinion there is no such thing as a safe limit. It is just a matter of exercising restraint and common sense. A 14-unit limit, deemed as safe, is utter rubbish.

A typical week for many is perhaps, two or three pints, on a couple of occasions, on a weekday. Plus a repeat performance over the weekend. And for arguments sake, an extra two or three for those who think my weekly responsible estimate, is a little too responsible.

The amount mentioned above equates to approximately 30 units. Twice the intake recommended by the committee. Blimey, that puts millions of responsible drinkers, including me, well and truly in the “danger zone”. Oh yes, I can hear the howls of laughter!

Okay, I fully appreciate that there is an alcohol problem in this country. There is no argument that it is a problem that needs addressing. However, what is the point in applying these make-believe figures. You are just making yourselves look stupid with your punitive measures.

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So, to you, Dame Sally and your temperance chums, less of the moralising and pontificating. And maybe exercise some realism and understanding of our drinking culture and social habits, in your future tub-thumping commentaries.