Here is how to find the perfect Valentine's beauty gift

Make up Doctor Rita Parmar gives her tips on buying the perfect Valentine's beauty gift.
Valentine's beautyValentine's beauty
Valentine's beauty

Valentine's is fast approaching, and you’ve got to buy a gift for that special person in your life… Flowers, you’ve done… perfume, you’ve done, and chocolates are a bit risky because you’re not sure how that will impact the new years health kick! Here’s some helpful hints on what to buy if you’re thinking of buying something in the beauty or makeup category:

1. Keep it simple – buying her something that she already uses regularly is always a bonus for us girls! Take a peek in her makeup bag (ideally when she’s not around) and see if there is anything that you recognise is a ‘staple’ item i.e mascara, foundation, moisturiser. If it’s running out even better, but even if not getting another one for when it does is always gratefully received. Not only will she be grateful that she doesn’t have to replace it she will thing its pretty thoughtful.

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2. Be a touch imaginative – buying something that compliments another product that she already uses would be a great idea, this way she’s already familiar with the product and you know they will work together! Use the same method here, have a little snoop in the makeup bag/ bathroom (these products could be spread out). And if you can see that she uses a particular moisturiser you could get the ‘night cream’ to go with it. Here’s some other examples:

A lip liner to go with the lipstick

A primer to go with the foundation

A highlighter to go with the blusher

A eyeshadow palette or eyeliner to go with the mascara

3. Go all out – so this doesn’t mean an entire range but maybe something that she just doesn’t own at all yet! To give you some ideas here is a checklist of products that can be used… now you need to use your own knowledge of ‘how much makeup she wears’ to asses if you should go for this option:

Cleanser, moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blusher, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara.

If there is something completely missing, you could go for that product. Or maybe you could get her something that again she hasn’t got but compliments her makeup. Brushes to apply the makeup, a brush holder to hold the brushes, makeup cotton pad, tissue and bud holders to compliment her dressing table or a makeup bag or storage box to hold it all.

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Big tips…. Always get a gift receipt, just in case! You know them better than you think you do, so go with your gut. And take pictures (underneath the bottles and revers too so you can see the colour etc) so you don’t have to check these matters later.