Could you spend £150m?

Once again the massive EuroMillions jackpot remains unclaimed, rolling over again tonight to an estimated £150,000,000.

Euromillions jackpot £150,000,000 is a truly obscene amount of money, but could you spend it?
Euromillions jackpot £150,000,000 is a truly obscene amount of money, but could you spend it?

It truly is an obscene amount of money, but it hasn’t stopped me parting with some of my hard-earned to join in the syndicate in Express Towers!

We have been trying, with very litte success, to scoop the pool since the jackpot got close to nine figures.

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And I am sure some of my colleagues have come up with some pretty imaginative ways of spending their share, should the lottery gods smile down on our own little corner of East Lancashire.

I have had more than a little trouble coming up with ways of spending even a fraction of that amount of money.

Not because I am tight-fisted; not because I don’t like some of the nicer things in life and not because I have no imagination.

I just don’t like waste, and I am sure that is what I would do with some of it!

While trying to get to sleep the other night, I didn’t count sheep I counted ways of disposing of some of the
EuroMillions riches, should we win them.

First of all, and trust me I really do mean this, my favourite local charity would get some, if only to round some numbers down and make the rest easier to divide!

Family, of course, would be well catered for in a way that meant the tax man could keep his hands off it.

Friends would get some really nice treats – and they probably wouldn’t even have to wait until Christmas to get their hands on them.

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And I am sure that a couple of local bars and restaurants could look forward to a busier then normal festive period.

Holidays? Obviously.

New house? Clearly.

Replace the 12-year-old car? Top of the list.

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A special wish? Yes.

And that special wish would be to finance a recall of all those German saloon cars we all see each and every day, all of which seem to have left the manufacturers without working indicators.

And while the cars were back with their makers I would have them install a self-destruct button whenever their drivers “ran” a red light.