Climate change is a harsh reality of life now

In recent weeks, sorry let’s be clear about this, in recent months, a great number of a regular correspondents have enjoyed a heated debate about climate change.

Some see it for what it is, a change in the climate, and ask why it is happening.

I am no scientist and would never claim the poor grade A Level in geography which included an element of meteorology could make me any sort of an expert.

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But I know that recent winters have lasted longer – there was even a light flurry of snow very recently when I was out for a jog – and that summers have been almost non-existent.

Some say these things are cyclical.

Others that we have inadvertently orchestrated them.

But my rudimentary understanding of the words “climate” and “change” means that when you couple them they mean the climate is changing.

And it is. No argument.

Is it man-made?

Is it purely a freak of nature?

Is it something more sinister?

Or is it God hitting us with divine intervention for wrongs done by humanity as some Bible Belt Americans would try to tell you?

I don’t know and, as I have said, I am no expert.

But while most of us can see our climate is changing, others stick their heads in the nearest snow drift, shout “Bla Bla Bla Lah Lah Lah” as loud as they can and say it isn’t.

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Now far be it from me to doubt the sanity or intelligence of anyone else out there.

But that kind of attitude is clearly ridicuolous.

I am not going to bang on about greenhouse gasses, O2 emmisions, global warming, or any of the other topics so vehemently opposed by some of our regular contributors in recent months.

I am not going to tell anyone out there they are wrong.

But I will ask this question of anyone who does not believe in climate change: When you open your curtains on the fourth Monday in March to a blanket of snow do you not think something is amiss?