Agree with me or disagree?

Mr Pendle hopes readers will forgive him for indulging in a few moments of self-celebration.

For, by his reckoning, recently saw the 1,000th edition of the newspaper where he has had the privilege of putting finger to keyboard and sounding off about one of the topics of the day, having taken up the pen back at the beginning of 1996.

Over the past 19 years, he has received countless brickbats and bouquets from readers, depending on which side of Mr Pendle’s fence the thrower was sitting at the time they read his words.

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He has probably had more of the former – but that all goes with the territory.

Sometimes he has written things he firmly believes in, while on other occasions he has written things to test people’s feelings.

And he has enjoyed the times the “Mr Angry of Tunbridge Wells” readers out there have been drawn into sending in letters condemning him in various degrees of uncertainty, while also allowing himself a smile when others have written to say he has got things spot on.

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