Cherish the friends you have and always be ready to meet ones as you can never have too many/ Tracey Smith

You can count your true friends on one hand.

By Tracey Smith
Monday, 21st June 2021, 12:30 pm
Cherish the friends you have and never be afraid to reconnect with old ones, is Tracey Smith's philosophy
Cherish the friends you have and never be afraid to reconnect with old ones, is Tracey Smith's philosophy

How very true is that saying. We have acquaintances, work friends, best friends, long lost friends. But I hold them all dearly to my heart as all of them have been there for me at some point in the past.

I received a lovely message recently, from a friend, saying she had taken her 86-year-old auntie to one of my Nattershack events at the Crooked Billet, Worsthorne.

Whilst she was there her auntie bumped into an old school friend who she had lost contact with after school. Their friendship was soon rekindled, and phone numbers were swapped. That is a true friendship!

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One of my closest friends, who I’ve know since I was five years old, emigrated to Canada 15 years ago.

We became really good friends when we left school at 15 and best friends from there on in. As we got married and had children, we didn’t see so much of each of other, but it was a friendship that was still as strong even if we didn’t meet up for six months or more. That’s what I call a true friendship.

We both appreciated each other’s busy lives but hooked up when we could. I miss her badly, but she is having the best life and we keep in touch.

I recently tracked down my friend of 20 plus years. We had worked together at the hospital. She moved away some years ago after meeting 'Mr Right' and we had lost touch. I was listening to Shed 7 last Christmas Eve and she sprung to mind. I sent a text during the song as I knew she loved the band as much as me.

I didn’t even know if she had the same number, but she did and we finally met up two weeks ago!

It was like we had never been apart!! I am so glad I sent that text. We are just on with arranging another meet up and with some of the girls that still work at Burnley General.

I think we all worry too much about reconnecting with long lost friends. Whether it was due to an argument or parting of ways. We must take the plunge and contact them. What have you got to lose? You might not get a response but at least you’ve tried to make contact. Who knows, that friendship may be worth saving!

I think as we get older, we appreciate who and what we have around us. We should not regret later in life that we didn’t make that first move.

Cherish your friends, look after them, drop them a line and check in on them every now and again. A good friend will be there for you and vice versa. I know I am very lucky to have some really good friends and what’s better than making new friends?

You can never have too many.