Nude coffee drinking is taking off ...

Nearly a quarter of Northerners (19%) would like to live on the same street as the Royal Family, according to a new survey by Percol coffee and ICM Omnibus.

In London, the figure was higher than the national average with 27% of Londoners naming Buckingham Gate as the street they would most like to live on. Wales voted Ramsey Street (“Neighbours”) the street most Welsh people would like to live on (27%).

The number of Northerners drinking coffee on the go has fallen to only 7% with more than half (52%) having their coffee in bed (3%), at work (12%) or with their breakfast (35%).

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Nude coffee drinking is a rising trend: 2% of men form the North admit to having their first cup of the coffee of the day in the nude. That’s around 100 000 men in your area drinking coffee with no clothes on!

There is an increase in the perceived benefits of coffee drinking: 15% of British men and 9% British women admit to drinking a cup of coffee before sex to improve their performance.

When asked who they would most like to bring a cup of coffee to in bed, one in five Northern men said Cheryl Cole (20%). Northern women would most like to bring a cup of coffee to George Clooney (18%).

Young people, aged 18 to 24, male and female, would most like to bring Rihanna her first cup of coffee (21%). Meanwhile Nick Clegg was the least favourite, with no votes at all. His boss David Cameron faired better with 1%!

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Percol founder Brian Chapman said; “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first Royals tour has certainly helped the popularity of the Royal family and as a British company we support British traditions. It is our aim to bring our award-winning British coffee to every street in the UK, whether a palace or a humble home, and we’re going to be doing just that throughout the rest of the year.”

In other findings, 40% Britons said the smell that would be most likely to stop them in the street and make them smile was freshly-brewed coffee (40%); the smell of bacon sizzling in a pan came second

(21%) and freshly-baked bread third (16%).

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