Notorious thief '˜chances' £304 trolley dash

One of Burnley's most prolific shoplifters is back in custody after trying her hand at a £304 trolley dash of meat, bedding and candles from Asda.
Burnley Magistrates CourtBurnley Magistrates Court
Burnley Magistrates Court

Magistrates heard how Amanda Doreen Kerr (36) “chanced it” and left the store on July 5th without paying for the goods despite being well known to virtually every store in the area as a notorious shoplifter.

A teary Kerr was sentenced to eight weeks in prison and ordered to pay a £115 surcharge after admitting to theft to the tune of £304.99.

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The ex-heroin addict struck after going away for a few days, which resulted in her missing her prescription for methadone - a drug used as a substitute in morphine and heroin addiction treatment.

The court heard how the cash-strapped delinquent told police she resolved to steal the goods to sell on to raise funds for auxiliary methadone.

Kerr, a persistant theif for 14 years, has more than 180 offences on her record, with around 100 for theft, and was jailed in February for three offences in that month.

The Conway Grove resident was told by bench chairman Tony Winder that, despite previous custodial sentences, Kerr - who receives benefits - remained undeterred.

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Winder said: “You are a prolific offender. There was planning, you knew exactly what you were doing; the method of theft, the intent and you knew custody could be an option.”

Kerr was given a suspended prison term in December last year (which was activated in February) and jailed for 12 weeks. Mark Williams, defending, said Kerr had found it hard to manage after missing her prescription. “She decided to chance it,” said Mr Williams. “One thing that is always constant is that she complies thereafter.”

A probation officer told the hearing that Kerr had been doing well on supervision. “She has done better than she ever has. She has attended 13 of 16 appointments.”