Nominate Red Rose heroes for honours

The Queen’s representative in Lancashire is urging people to nominate others for a national honour.

Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire Lord Shuttleworth
Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire Lord Shuttleworth

Lancashire currently receives a lower than average number of honours, based on the size of its population. Lord Shuttleworth KCVO, the Lord-Lieutenant of Lancashire, wants to encourage people to make a nomination through the honours system.

He said: “We all know there are people in Lancashire who are doing wonderful things and deserve to be recognised with an honour, but they do have to be nominated first. The honours system recognises individuals who have made life better for others or who are outstanding at what they do and have demonstrated exceptional service and achievement – people who go beyond their job.

“Anyone can nominate online, using the honours system website. I’d urge people to think about someone they know, including young people, and whether they would be deserving of recognition.”

Nominations should be made while the nominee is still active. Honours are given to people involved in different activities, including community, voluntary and local services; arts and media, health, sport, education, science and technology, business and the economy, and civil or political service.

People receive honours for achievements in a variety of endeavours, like:

l Making a difference to their community or field of work

l Enhancing Britain’s reputation

l Long-term voluntary service


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l Innovation and entrepreneurship

l Changing things, with an emphasis on achievement

l Improving life for people less able to help themselves

l Displaying moral courage and doing difficult things


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To nominate someone, go online at visit Alternatively contact 0207 276 2777.