No prison for man who thought he should be given a jail sentence

A man who went hunting for his sister’s “violent” partner armed with a large knife has escaped jail – despite thinking he should be locked up.

Wednesday, 19th August 2015, 9:00 pm
Burnley Crown Court.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Jordan Cadle (22) had an eight-inch blade hidden in his trousers when police, alerted by the public, found him in Brierfield.

However, Cadle, of Taylor Street, Brierfield, who had a previous conviction for carrying a weapon, was given a six month sentence suspended for two years, with a 20 day rehabilitation requirement, after admitting possessing an article with a blade or sharp point.

Prosecutor Mr Stephen Parker told the court that on May 29th at 2-05am, police received calls from a member of the public about a man threatening people with a knife outside Brierfield Co-op.

When the police arrived a man fitting the description was not behaving in a threatening behaviour, but ran off when an officer went to speak to him. When the officer caught up with the offender he dropped a large kitchen knife to the floor and was then arrested.

The prosecutor said: “He was taking the knife round to his sisters to, at the very least, have a confrontation with his sister’s partner.”

Jeremy Coleman (defending) told the hearing: “He believes that the way he will learn the lesson from this incident is by going to prison. I think he needs speak to somebody.”

Judge Beverley Lunt said: “The person Cadle is worried about was a violent person and has been violent to his sister, and has been to prison for it.

“This is not some far-fetched concept that was in his head, but he has got to learn to react in a different way. I appreciate the background to this particular incident but if you take a knife out with you, and there is an escalation, somebody is going to get hurt, possibly you.”

She added: “You have got to understand if you are ever caught with a blade again you will be going to prison for years.”