New terraced homes set for Padiham despite neighbours' objections

Plans have been submitted to build a terrace of five new homes in Padiham.

The site
The site

The application relates to land at Grove Lane and High Street in Padiham, a steep slope which many years ago was the site of housing but in more recent years has become overgrown with vegetation.

The plans were first considered at a meeting of Burnley Council's Development Control Committee on February 14th and was deferred to allow further negotiation with the applicant on an education contribution and the separation distance between the front of the proposed houses on High Street and existing houses.

Following discussions with the applicant, the scheme has been amended by removing the part of the development at High Street from the proposal. This will allow the applicant to reconsider a development on the High Street part of the proposal at a later stage.

Three letters of objection have been received from neighbours, citing a number of concerns including the impact of road safety, the unsuitability of the narrow street for emergency vehicles, and the belief that the new houses would be out of places with the current houses nearby that were built in 1873.


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The plan has been recommended for approval and will be considered by councillors next Thursday.