Nelson woman’s threat to ‘batter’ her mum

A young woman arrested after threatening to “batter” her mother claimed her mum had stolen £20 off her.


Amy Cowburn (22) had been screaming at her mother, Kim, after police officers were called to the family home in Lee Road, Nelson. She ended up getting arrested, a court heard.

Cowburn told Pennine magistrates her mum was a “prolific offender” and had “nicked” the money off her. The defendant, who was not legally represented, admitting breaching the peace on February 9th and was bound over in the sum of £50 for six months.

Miss Tracy Yates (for the Crown) told the hearing Cowburn was crying and screaming at her mother, who thought the defendant was under the influence of something.

Cowburn was taken to the utility room to calm down, continued screaming she was going to batter her mother and was arrested.

The defendant said she was sorry for her behaviour. She told the Bench: “I shouldn’t have reacted the way I reacted and I do apologise.” Asked if she had anything else to say, she replied: “Arrest my mum.”