Nelson paedophile jailed for sending disturbing images

A Nelson paedophile has been locked up after admitting sending “disturbing” child sex images via mobile phone to a woman in Portsmouth.

Sheldon Bateson (29) was jailed for three years and four months for distributing explicit sexual pictures and videos including one of a baby under 18 months old.

Bateson, who admitted the offences at Burnley Crown Court, had sent the images to his co-defendant Chloe Dunn (19) who was given a suspended sentence by Judge Beverley Lunt.

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Mr Stephen Parker (prosecuting) told the court that the pair had never met until they sat together in the dock, but had first communicated via the internet where they shared “sick fantasies” involving children.

Bateson, of Fulham Street, Nelson, showed no emotion when the horrific details of his crime were read out.

He had been caught when his old mobile phone was bought at a second hand shop and the disturbing images discovered.

The phone contained 17 videos and 55 images. Six of the most serious pictures had been sent to Dunn, Eastern Road, Portsmouth, when she was 17.

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Mr Parker said: “Bateson told Dunn he was a paedophile and Dunn told him she was pregnant. They discussed what they would do with the baby when it was born.

“The member of the public who discovered the phone were so shocked and disgusted it caused them to be physically sick.”

In her defence, Dunn had claimed that it was only fantasy and she had no intention of carrying out what they had discussed.

Her barrister Mr White described Dunn as “a naive and vulnerable young woman with a desire to have a relationship”.

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The barrister added: “She had feelings of self-loathing and hid behind the internet.

“She knows what she did was disgusting. Quite clearly, she has many problems.”

Jailing Bateson, Judge Lunt said: “You tried to blame Chloe Dunn but you were the instigator.

“You sent these images to her and others who shared your sick and perverted tastes. This was a very depraved form of behaviour.”

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Bateson was also made subject of an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Dunn, who had worked as a carer, was given a jail sentence of eight months suspended for two years with supervision.

No sexual offences treatment programme currently exists for women offenders and so Judge Lunt ordered her to attend a women’s programme for 12 sessions.

Judge Lunt added: “You participated in some truly disgusting exchanges and you have become desensitised when it comes to sexual matters, but I am persuaded you are not a direct threat to the public.”

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