Nelson has one of top 100 schools in England

A Nelson school has been identified as one of the top performing and improving educational facilities in the whole of the country.

Friday, 28th March 2014, 7:31 am
Pupils at Lomeshaye Junior School celebrating their success with headteacher Mrs Angie Pleasants (Left) and deputy head Mrs Sarah Jones.

Lomeshaye Junior School has been revealed among the 100 best across England in the 2014 Primary School Special edition created by the Government Initiatives IQ.

And a spokesman for the organisation made it is clear the school was having a journey to success.

On their website it explains: “Lomeshaye is a growing junior school of 300 pupils, serving a predominantly British Asian and Eastern European community.

“Almost all pupils have English as an additional language. Socio-economic indicators for the ward place the school in the lowest 5% most deprived areas in the country.

“A vibrant, inclusive learning community coupled with an ethos of high expectations and challenges are paramount to Lomeshaye’s success. Aspirations are raised in a learning climate that is engaging and fun.

“To this end we have implemented a programme of strategic progressive developments to provide the best education for our pupils and their families, including highly-effective parent partnership work; courses, workshops and tips on how to help their children at home.”

And a spokesman said: “Government Initiatives IQ recognises Lomeshaye Junior School as a top performing and improving school.”

The school’s headteacher, Mrs Angie Pleasants, said: “The staff, pupils, governors and parents are delighted and very proud indeed to have received this recognition, which has been achieved as a result of Lomeshaye’s team of fully-committed, dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure the needs of all pupils are catered for.

“To support this the school has a rigorous self-evaluation process which has enabled 
us to effectively raise standards.”