Mum's £10,000 appeal to help brave Louie (4)

A mum bidding to build a new bedroom and wetroom for her son is fund-raising for a £10,000 shortfall.
Meningitis survivor Louie Jenkins (3) with his seven sets of prosthetic legs.Meningitis survivor Louie Jenkins (3) with his seven sets of prosthetic legs.
Meningitis survivor Louie Jenkins (3) with his seven sets of prosthetic legs.

Julie Jenkins, of Chatham Street, Colne, hopes to make life a little easier for her son Louie who had his legs and fingers removed after contracting meningitis as a baby.

Julie is planning an extension of the family home, and while they have received some grant support from the council, another £10,000 is needed to make the dream a reality.

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Louie, now a fighting fit four-year-old Barrowford Primary School pupil who has just been fitted for a ninth pair of prosthetic legs, struggles to get up and down the stairs at home.

The fund-raising wheels are in motion as a sponsored walk around Alkincoats Park is planned on May 7th while a group of Pendle cyclists are planning a coast to coast ride this summer with proceeds going to The Little Lamb Appeal, set up by Julie.

Julie said: “I applied two years ago in order to have an extension built downstairs for a new bedroom and wetroom and it has pretty much taken that time for the plans to come about.

“With a few modifications to the originals, this has added costs and left a £10,000 shortfall. I’m hoping the work can start in June.

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“Although he tries his hardest, some of the simplest tasks are a struggle for him, climbing up and downstairs being his hardest and most frustrating challenge.

“It can take him five minutes to get up the stairs and when he needs to get upstairs in a rush or when he is tired, it is difficult.

“He would have space in his bedroom for his wheelchair and walking frame and also a new wetroom would mean things would be easier. Louie currently has to be picked up and put into the bath.

“I think we have at least 60 people signed up for the walk and a load of raffle prizes. Janette from Hartbeeps will be doing a warm up and those taking part will get a bottle of water, a cereal bar and a medal for finishing it. Louie is going to take part.

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“Louie is really well and is loving school life. Barrowford Primary School have been excellent; Year 4 have been learning about the Paralympics and I did a talk and took some of his prosthetics in.

“It’s all about raising awareness. The support we get is quite overwhelming.”

Visit the Little LAMB Appeal on Facebook to keep up to date or go to to donate to the appeal.

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