Meet the real life Indiana Jones

From scaling the heights of the world's highest free standing mountain to the depths of the ocean with Great White sharks, life may never be the same again for cinema manager Andy White.
Andy White, halfway up Mount KilimanjaroAndy White, halfway up Mount Kilimanjaro
Andy White, halfway up Mount Kilimanjaro

For he has conquered both challenges that were on his bucket list and raised £960 for Pendleside Hospice into the bargain.

Now back at the helm at Burnley’s Reel Cinema, Andy climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, which, standing at 19,341 feet is the highest mountain in Africa.

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And the physical effort was well worth it for Andy who described parts of the scenery on the climb as being like something from the smash hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones.

He said: “The section known as the Barranco Wall is like a sheer cliff that rises 800 feet above the Barranco Valley and it was quite breathtaking.

“To watch the sun rise and shine on a glacier and see the colours change was just incredible.

"We were so high up so there is no light pollution so one evening the sky was just full of stars, literally thousands of them."

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Andy forked out £2,000 for the expedition with a specialised tour company and while many fellow travellers fell victim to altitude sickness he was lucky enough not to.

Andy was not so lucky when he followed the climb by jetting across to Cape Town where he went diving with sharks in Atlantic Ocean.

For he was one of several adventurers who were struck down by seasickness!

But it did not stop him from stepping into the cage where several Great Whites, tempted by bait, were within touching distance. One of them attacked the cage and, with nerves of steel, Andy filmed the shark encounter.

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Andy said: “They were huge, around three to four metres long. It was a fantastic experience."

Now those two challenges are ticked of his list Andy is planning a fly drive trip to America.

It sounds quite tame until he reveals he wants to experience a live tornado!