Mean thieves steal safety group's traffic mirror

A local road safety group is facing a £333 replacement bill after it had one of its traffic mirrors stolen.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 12:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th June 2016, 11:53 am
The Safe Lanes in Pendleside group with two mirrors volunteers replaced at the junction of Harpers Lane and Noggarth Road in Fence. (S)

The mirror was at the junction of Back Lane and Padiham Road at Black Hill between Sabden and Higham and it was taken in the last few weeks by thieves who sawed the top off the wooden mounting post.

It has left the Safe Lanes in Pendleside group reflecting on why it was taken.

Sheila Clegg said: “The little devils have just sawn through the post. The mirror has been there for around 10 years and it is very useful for motorists, horse rides, cyclists and walkers because it a is a blind junction. You just can’t see.

“We have the funds to replace it but we do rely on donations. The old one was 600mm and new one is going to be 800mm which gives double the sight distance. We are going to have it branded and mounted on a metal post this time.”

Anybody wishing to donate can call Sheila on 695795.