MAY ELECTIONS: Who is standing in your ward?

Burnley Town HallBurnley Town Hall
Burnley Town Hall
The full list of candidates who will be standing in the May Burnley borough council elections has been announced.

Burnley will go to the polls on Thursday, May 5th, with a seat in each of the 15 wards up for election.

The Labour Party, who currently hold 29 seats on the council, will be looking to tighten its grip on the borough while the Lib Dems will be looking to improve on their 10 seats. Conservative (five ) and UKIP (one) make up the rest of the council.

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There will also be elections on the day for the role of Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

Anyone wanting to vote in this year’s elections, and in the EU referendum, have less than a week to make sure they are registered.

The deadline for registration to vote on Thursday 5th May in the local and PCC elections is Monday. Once registered people will also be able to vote in the EU referendum on June 23rd.

To check whether you or registered or not visit – all you need is a note of your National Insurance number.

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Anyone needing further information or support should contact the elections office on 01282 477261 or 477263.

Burnley’s returning officer Mick Cartledge said: “We want to encourage everyone who is eligible to make sure they can vote, not only in the local and PCC elections but also on Britain’s future in or out of the European Union.

“I’d encourage everyone to take action now if they’re not already registered to vote. The message is simple: you can’t vote if you aren’t registered by April 18th.

The candidates who will be standing in the Burnley borough elections on Thursday, May 5th are:

BANk hall

Peter Bradley (Lib Dem), Lubna Khan (Labour).


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Syd Khan (Labour), Margaret Lishman (Lib Dem), James Macdonald (Green), Ian Metcalf (UKIP), Tom Watson (Conservative).


Sandra Byrne (Lib Dem), James McGowan (UKIP), Lian Pate (Labour).

cliviger with worsthorne

Tom Commis (UKIP), Kathryn Haworth (Lib Dem), Andrew Newhouse (Conservative), Stephen Watson (Labour).

coalclough with deerplay

Ibrahim Ali (Labour), Bill Bindle (Lib Dem), Anne Whittles (Green).

Daneshouse with stoneyholme

Mubashir Aftab (Lib Dem), Saeed Chaudhary (Labour).


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Christopher Barnett (BNP), Mark Payne (Lib Dem), Jai Redman (Green), Christine Sollis (Labour).


Brendan Morris (Lib Dem), Andy Tatchell (Labour).


Ivor Emo (Conservative), Alan Hosker (UKIP), Howard Hudson (Labour), Leslie Williams (Lib Dem).


Laura Fisk (Green), Asif Raja (Labour), Paula Riley (Lib Dem).


Gavin Hartley (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts), Arif Khan (Labour), Gordon Lishman (Lib Dem),

ROSEGROVE with lowerhouse

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Ceri Carmichael (Green), Stephanie Forrest (Lib Dem), Mark Girven (UKIP), Marcus Johnstone (Labour), Christopher Vanns (BNP).


Paul Campbell (Labour), Georgina Ormerod (Green), Christine White (Lib Dem).


Stewart Bone (Lib Dem), Andy Fewings (Green), Tony Martin (Labour).


Andy Devanney (Labour), Alfie Jones (Green), Tony Moores (Conservative), Chris Rawson (UKIP), David Roper (Lib Dem).