Marsden Building Society backs air ambulances

Marsden Building Society has raised £500 for the North West Air Ambulance service after hosting an awareness week across its branch network.

Marsden Building Society
Marsden Building Society

Local branches were visited by the charity’s mascot, Paramedic Pup during the week, and volunteers spoke to members of the building society about how the fundraising supports them.

Each branch had a stall of merchandise from the charity, and ran their own fundraising events in an attempt to get their members involved.

Marsden also offer affinity accounts, where savers can support their chosen charity through the society’s promise to donate 0.5% of the total average balance of all affinity accounts to the North West Air Ambulance.

This means that Marsden has donated over £160,000 to the charity over the past few years.


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Susan Walne, branch manager for Marsden in Burnley, said: “The charity has wide support from our members and we hope, with their support, the affinity accounts and continued fundraising across the business means we can increase our donation again.

“It costs over £13,000 to keep these helicopters flying each month, so Marsden has set its mission to keep the helicopters flying as long as possible, and hope members continue to get on board with our mission and help too.”