Man spared jail for breaching sex offences order

A man who left the country after being placed on the sexual offenders' register for 'abducting' a schoolgirl and taking indecent photos of her, was conditionally discharged.

Burnley Magistrates Court.
Burnley Magistrates Court.

Bilal Ahmed (26) went to Holland without telling the police about the trip.

He also didn’t tell officers about a change of address within seven days of moving, Burnley magistrates were told.

Ahmed was placed on the register almost seven years ago when he was 19, after he pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child, abduction and taking an indecent photo of a child when his case was heard at Burnley Crown Court.

The notification requirements under the register from the sentence will soon end.

Ahmed, of Cliffe Street, Nelson, was back in the dock at the crown court last week, after he earlier admitted two counts of failing to comply with notification requirements of the register, November 1st and 12th last year, at Nelson.

He had been committed to Burnley Crown Court for sentence by the justices and was given a six month conditional discharge at the higher court

Ahmed was spared jail and placed on the sex offenders register for seven years in 2009, after he “abducted” a 14-year-old girl and then filmed her performing a sex act on him.

He had handed in the footage to the police.


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The hearing had been told how Ahmed, aged 18 when the offences took place in September 2008, knew the girl was under 16, but did not stop her advances in any way.

She and Ahmed spent all night in a vehicle and ended up driving to a remote location, where the sexual activity took place.

Ahmed had been given six months in youth custody, suspended for two years, with 12 months’ supervision and 200 hours unpaid work for those offences after a judge said: “This was a matter of sexual attraction between a young man and a girl relatively marginally below the age of consent.”