Man punched policewoman by accident

A man has admitted accidently punching a policewoman when the intended recipient of the blow ducked.
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Andrew Renshaw went to punch the man, who was being led to a police van after being arrested, because he had assaulted his nephew but missed and hit the police officer.

Wigan Magistrates Court heard that 26-year-old had been out in Wigan with his nephew and his girlfriend when the assault happened.

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Tess Kenyon, prosecuting, said: “The police officer was on duty at around 12.05am, going into the morning of July 18.

“She was on Wallgate and saw a man assault another man.

“The victim was unconscious on the floor and was bleeding from his nose.

“The officer called an ambulance and then followed the person who had committed the assault.

“She arrested him and handcuffed him before the defendant approached and punched her to the side of the face.

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“She said it jolted her backwards which caused her glasses to fall off and the defendant was arrested.

“She did not suffer any lasting injuries but did have pain in her cheek bone as a result of the punch.

“The crown understands the defendant did not intend to punch the officer but the man she was arresting but he moved and because of that, the punch landed on the face of the female officer.

“In his interview Mr Renshaw said as much. He said he had been out with his nephew and his girlfriends when someone assaulted his nephew. He felt bad about that and attempted to assault the man responsible.

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“He said he didn’t intend to hit the officer and was very sorry for his actions.”

Renshaw, of Kimberley Avenue, St Helens, pleaded guilty to one count of assaulting a constable in the execution of her duty.

Graham Simpson, defending, said: “The circumstances are as they have been outlined by prosecution.

“His wee nephew got knocked to the ground and was unconscious and he felt bad about it.

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“He went to punch the man responsible but missed, probably because he had had too much to drink.

“He knows it was stupid and wrong and is mortified that he struck the officer as he never intended that.

“I have said to him that he needs to look at his anger problems.”

The magistrates adjourned sentencing until August 18 while a pre-sentence report is prepared.

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