Man (38) found guilty of Burnley canalside rape

A BANGLADESHI man has been found guilty of carrying out two shocking sex attacks on the canalside in Burnley.

Yesterday morning a jury returned two unanimous guilty verdicts on Nizam Ahmed (38), who had denied raping one woman and trying to rape another. He has been remanded in custody until July 15th for sentencing and the judge told him there was no alternative but a long custodial sentence.

Ahmed, who was living at Arley Gardens, Burnley, at the time, had told a Preston Crown Court jury he had not used force on either of the women in two incidents, weeks part, at the same spot near the canal at Burnley.

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The prosecution had told the court he engaged the women in conversation before grabbing them around the throats and dragging them to a secluded spot. His DNA was recovered in both instances.

Ahmed said he came to this country in 2002, was allowed to stay for six months but remained. Explaining why he met the women, who had both been prostitutes in the past, he said: “My wife was pregnant. I thought it may be a problem if I had sex with my wife.”

In the first instance last August, he claimed he was walking in Colne Road and met a woman at the bridge. She asked for a cigarette. “I guessed she must be a prostitute. They operate in that area.” He said he went to the canal and she followed.

The defendant said: “We had a chat, she agreed to do business with me.” They kissed and he said she put his hand on her breast, but had not touched her anywhere else. They talked about a price. The woman said she would not have sex for anything less than £10, so they went their separate ways, he said.

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Ahmed claimed he met the second woman on the bridge a month later. “She asked me whether I wanted to have business.” She wanted £10, but he only had £5.He said she agreed to have sex and they went to a grassy area where it took place. Ahmed said the woman had not resisted or indicated she was not consenting and he had not forced her. He denied grabbing her around the neck or using his strength to force her to do things against her will. Afterwards she asked for a cigarette, he gave her one and left.

However, the jury did not believe Ahmed’s story.

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