Lottery 'winner' refused £4M payout threw steaming hot food at Burnley carvery boss court hears

A lottery 'winner,' refused a £4m payout, threw steaming hot cauliflower cheese at the boss of a Burnley carvery, a court heard.
A Bolton man landed himself before magistrates after he threw steaming hot food at the boss of a Burnley restaurant carvery.A Bolton man landed himself before magistrates after he threw steaming hot food at the boss of a Burnley restaurant carvery.
A Bolton man landed himself before magistrates after he threw steaming hot food at the boss of a Burnley restaurant carvery.

Drunk career crook Jon-Ross Watson hurled a ladle full of the vegetable at Oliver Knight, hitting him in the head, after he went for seconds and was told it wasn’t an ' all you can eat' buffet. '

Mrs Tracy Yates, prosecuting, told the town’s magistrates: " Mr Knight was still picking pieces of food from his ear some time after the incident.”

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The court heard how the lout’s erratic outburst at The Star pub on Manchester Road, which is attached to a children's play area, came as families with young children dined at about 4.15pm.

A party was also in full swing. Watson shouted and swore in front of customers, threw napkins and gave general manager Mr Knight 'V' signs when he was ushered outside into the beer garden.

Watson has mental health issues and is said to have turned to alcohol and cocaine after his sister and her two young daughters died in a 'murder- suicide.'

He is on post -sentence supervision after coming out of jail and is subject to two community orders. The defendant has been spared prison over the trouble.

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The 31-year-old, who has committed almost 150 offences, recently made headlines when he and his friend, Mark Goodram bought a winning National Lottery £10 scratchcard at a Waitrose store in London. Camelot have so far refused to pay out over fears the ticket was bought with a stolen debit card. The pair, neither of whom are said to have a bank account, are now taking legal action.

The court heard Watson wanted his money back at the pub, got agitated and was waving his hands around.

Mr Knight told a staff member to take his plate away and refund the defendant as he feared he was going to cause more problems and just wanted him to leave.

The prosecutor said Watson went to the carvery, picked up a ladle with extremely hot cauliflower cheese in it and started to walk away, eating from it.

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Mrs Yates continued:"The victim tried to get the ladle from him and to usher him away from the area.

"The defendant dropped the ladle on the floor, picked it up and threw the ladle of food at at the victim, hitting him in the head, round the ear. A couple of staff members stood between the victim and the defendant.

"The victim said he was in fear for himself and his staff. The defendant was shouting and swearing, all in clear sight and hearing of customers.” Watson was later arrested on St James Street.

Mrs Yates said Mr Knight suffered reddening to his ear and soreness. She went on:"The defendant was interviewed and made no comment.

"He has 69 convictions for 136 offences.”

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Mr Asad Khan, defending Watson, said he apologised. The solicitor continued:" He accepts his behaviour was well out of control. He tells me it isn’t behaviour he is normally displaying in public.

"He is thoroughly ashamed of himself.”

Mr Khan said the defendant had 'seen things that nobody would wish to see.'

He told the court: " At the beginning of this year, he had gone to visit his sister and his two young nieces and walked in to find they had all died in a 'murder -suicide.'

The solicitor continued:“ He was sent to prison shortly after. He came out of prison and he’s found himself fortunate enough to win a life- changing amount of money.

"He has been denied that money. “

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Watson, of Rose Avenue, Farnworth, Bolton, admitted assault by beating and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards Mr Knight, on July 5th. He was fined £200, with a £32 victim surcharge and £85 costs and must pay the victim £100 compensation for the distress caused.

The Bench chairman told him:” You were close to immediate custody."