Labour would scrap Pendle ‘garden tax’

Pendle Labour councillors have made a public pledge they will scrap the controversial “garden tax” of £25 if they take control of the council this month.

Monday, 28th April 2014, 11:01 am
Green recycling wheelie bin

Group leader Coun. Mohammed Iqbal said: “At the budget meeting in February, Labour was the only party which refused to impose this back-door increase on over 25,000 households across Pendle. The Tory and Liberal coalition increased the council tax and chose this back-handed, half-thought-up scheme to hit people in the pocket by an increase of 3% in their council tax bill.

“I make a public promise to scrap this tax on garden waste if Labour takes control of the council after the local elections on May 22nd.

“This Tory-led council is out of touch with the struggles of Pendle people.”

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Coun. David Whalley added: “I have been inundated with complaints from residents across Pendle who are demanding answers from their Tory and Liberal councillors, but they refuse to respond.

“I would ask people to vote for a party which was upfront with its budget instead of this Tory-led coalition which is increasing taxes via the back door on hard-pressed families across our borough.”

Pendle’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Labour Party, Azhar Ali, added: “This coalition government has cut millions from Pendle Council which has resulted in community centres and public buildings being closed.

“I am disappointed the Tory MP is quiet over this issue. He needs to stand up against his Tory colleagues on the council and support the Labour Group’s position.

“I and the people of Pendle wait with anticipation for him to stand up for Pendle”.