Kitten shot in Earby

Authorities have revealed how, in a horrifying act of animal cruelty, a kitten was shot three times with an air gun at an Earby address earlier this month.
The incident occurred on Mostyn Avenue in Earby.The incident occurred on Mostyn Avenue in Earby.
The incident occurred on Mostyn Avenue in Earby.

Police were called out to an address on Mostyn Avenue at around 9.50am on March 4th to reports that a cat, allegedly a kitten, had been shot several times with an air gun.

Although the exact location of the offence is unknown to authorities, it is believed to have occurred between 8pm on Thursday, March 2nd and 8pm on Friday, March 3rd.

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No arrests have been made as yet, while the cat was admitted to a vet’s surgery for treatment for three pellet wounds and is thought to be making a good recovery.

A major campaign to outlaw airguns across the UK receiving growing support, with Scotland and Northern Ireland already clamping down on air gun licensing laws while England and Wales trail behind.

The UK's leading feline welfare charity, Cats Protection, offers this lack of country-wide regulation as an explanation for the fact that 90% of air gun attacks on cats occur in England and Wales.

Advocacy Manager for Cats Protection, Jacqui Cuff, said: “Cats in England and Wales are hugely vulnerable to an air gun attack. An air gun attack on a cat is horrific; around half die as a result.

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"Those that survive will endure considerable suffering and may be left with life-long disabilities," she added. "Owners upset, vet bills, and whole communities can be left deeply worried about attacks of this kind."