Kitchen Hob the most reliable home appliance

If you're wondering what's going to go wrong next in your household - it might be the freestanding cooker you bought ten years ago.

Consumer organisation Which? has surveyed its membership and tracked how long home appliances last before owners start experiencing problems. The survey found the kitchen hob to have the longest life expectancy out of everyday home appliances.

With nine in ten hobs still fault free after ten years, hobs are front runners in Which?’s latest product survey which collected 8, 469 responses in September and October 2016 to find out how long your home appliance will last.

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However, in contrast to the success of the kitchen hob, freestanding cookers were found to be the least reliable type of appliance with more than a third of freestanding cookers are expected to develop a fault in the first ten years. This increases to nearly half for the least reliable brand of freestanding cooker.

The top three most reliable appliances also includes cylinder vacuum cleaners and tumble dryers whereas the least reliable includes washer dryers and fridge freezers.

Big differences between the best and worst brands

“We conduct a large reliability survey each year so we can tell you the most and least reliable domestic appliance brands in 16 product categories, including washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fridge-freezers and many more,” reads their report, published today.

The report also notes large differences between the best and worst-performing brands.

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“In some cases, you can almost double your chance of getting a fault in the first ten years with an unreliable brand. And it isn’t always the most expensive brands that have the best reliability ratings.”

To read the full report, graphic and see results by brand, head over to the which? website.

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