Kind-hearted Rotarians helps Valley residents stranded in the snow

It may be freezing outside, but warm-hearted Clitheroe Rotarians are doing their bit to keep the Ribble Valley moving.

Help is at hand thanks to Clitheroe Rotarians
Help is at hand thanks to Clitheroe Rotarians

Heavy snow has caused travel chaos over the last two days with many people, especially elderly residents, struggling to make important journeys.

The Rotary Club of Clitheroe has issued a statement on its Facebook page. It reads as follows: "If anyone in the Clitheroe area needs assistance during this wintry weather, or if you have a neighbour or relative who needs assistance - for food, medical supplies etc - we may be able to help with transport. Message us if you have an urgent requirement."

If anyone needs help, they are urged to message the organisation on its Facebook page (The Rotary Club of Clitheroe).